Jumping over the stump — Part 1 [100 followers]

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Medium is one of the best publishing platforms I have ever seen. I was found this while I was searching for information about my university assessment. There are so many technical stories to study alone.

Then I created Pavithra Ilankoon medium blog in October 2021 as I remember.

Signup as soon as you see a medium story, are you passionate about writing?

No, I am not passionate about writing. I like this clean white glance of the website. Only information, no ads, no self-promoting.

But I like to read Medium stories which improve my knowledge. I don`t feel bored when I read this. It is so interesting.

Another thing is the Medium Partner Program.

If you are not a passionate writer, read a lot, learn how to write, to make people feel.

If you want to make money, try to reach the passionate writer`s writing quality.

So, I would like to say all beginners who are without a writing passion. Don`t think to earn money not only on Medium but on any platform, as soon as you are a newbie. First, learn how to write a quality story. Read others.

This is what I understand about making money.

So, this is the reason to become a Medium member.

The other thing is that every person on the internet can be a Medium member, no barriers although you are not a professional writer or a reader.

What steps did you follow to pass 100?

The method is the engage with Medium whenever possible.

I highlight my methods that I try to get, 100 followers.

1] Read other Medium writers' stories. Clap and respond them your ideas.


Especially, responses are very worth to get more followers. Although it is a response, you can make the reader your follower.

And also, clapping and responding to other responses, is most important to you because the responder can see the notification of you. So, they may be following you according to your niche is fit to them.

2] Try to follow writers who show you as “RECOMMENDED FOR YOU”.


Check the writers, in mentioned part. Most of the time, Medium recommends stories based on recently viewed stories.

And please, check that each writers` followers count in that part, is nearly the same as your count. I don`t say every writers` follower count nearly the same as you.

By following writers same like you, they are willing to follow back you, in high probability. Because they also need to get 100 or 1000 followers.

3] Write continuously


Although you complete the above two methods, if you don`t write continuously, you can`t make fans and can`t make a personal brand. It is good to write a story per month or per week. It is your choice.

The important thing about writing is, your thoughts must make people feel. Also, I am still learning, how to feel my fans, like how to supply a supper service to my customers.

In brief, reading and experience is the key fact of writing a good story.

What are the things you should not do?

Don`t request “follow back” directly in responses. Write a response related to the read story topic. And make conversations about the topic through responses.

Never unfollow anyone with the purpose of decreasing your following. It is really bad. Because every writer is human. Don`t do it.

When will you come up with the “Jumping Over The Stump — Part 2”?

I set my next goal as “Jumping over the stump — Part 2”. It is “passing 1000 followers”. Sometimes, it takes several months. So, it will happen slowly.

Like I said before, I read stories more and more in Medium. And I try to reach the best writing quality.

And please, respond to me with your thoughts and what should I improve. Let`s make a conversation.



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Pavithra Ilankoon

Pavithra Ilankoon


“Before becoming a writer, read a lot.” I saw it from one of the writer’s story.”